Professional Networking Alliance :: Chelsea BNI

If you are a local business owner and would like to grow your business, you are invited to join us on Fridays at 7am at the Chelsea Senior Center in Chelsea, Michigan.

Although our meetings are very regular, we occasionally don’t meet due to major US holidays. Please conact our current President, Dr. Lisa Olszewski, if you have any questions (734.433.9564). You can also check us out on FaceBook for our latest information.

Chelsea BNI is a business networking group that members use to obtain job referrals. Each time a member meets someone needing a particular service or product, they recommend that person to the appropriate business in Chelsea BNI.

More than just a leads group, BNI provides a supportive system of giving and receiving business and an environment in which you develop business relationships with dozens of other qualified professionals.

“The members of Chelsea BNI are like a sales team. Our motto is ‘givers gain.’ By becoming a member of BNI, you can work with trusted referrals [and do business locally]. If you are serious about expanding your business, BNI can be a very positive thing.” — Paul Johnson

Membership in a Michigan-based BNI is unique in that only one person from each professional specialty is permitted to join. Unlike other organizations, where the focus remains socially-driven, BNI is completely focused on business.

Where We Meet
BNI members meet once a week on Fridays to network and share business ideas with each other. Guests are always welcome! The meetings follow a specific meeting agenda; meetings start at 7:00 AM and end promptly at 8:30 AM – allowing members to network and pass referrals before getting on with the rest of their business day.

“It’s not for everyone. It is a time commitment but it’s a great investment for those who are looking to grow their business. You get to meet a lot of neat people. Every week we recommend businesses do one-on-one meetings with each other to get to know more. I’ve made a lot of close friends through BNI.” — Bryan Merillat